Experience the adrenaline rush of a superbike racer without the drawbacks. Pit your reflexes against the needle as you reach the redline. Sharpen your skills and try as many times as you want in your pursuit of the ultimate accolade Redline Racer.


Hold your screen in the landscape position, and hit the red button to start your engine. The dials light up, the engine roars into life and you’re ready to go!
Tilt the screen towards you to rev the motor bike’s engine, and then when the revs are high enough flick the screen back to get those revs under control!

Compatible with iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

Redline V1.5

We hope to bring you updates in the future to include:
Beat the clock. Compete to achieve the highest speed possible in the shortest time while your fuel lasts and get your name into the hall of fame but be careful; too many revs for too long will increase the oil pressure and could blow the engine.


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